Wednesday, June 6, 2012

albert a hurlburt jr in the 70s

(albert hurlburt jr with his son,pointing gun at pic taker,shows example of the life style and what a bad role model he was)
albert a hurlburt jr ,who is now in his 70s has evaded the law for decades,has abused women,and children,and has ruined the lives of everyone he has ever been in contact with.
 over the years he has committed crimes,and ran,he has boasted about how he is basically invincible,and untouchable,and thats only because the law was never able to catch him before statue of limitations ran out.
and because he always made threats, the women involved were afraid to come forward. he has always prayed on the weak,and people who had no one to turn to,and if they did he made sure it wasnt for long. he tortured woman,and his son physically,mentally,and verbally. he kept his son out of school most of the time,and ran him from one state to another,his son was not allowed to stay in any one place while growing up,and was not allowed to be around other family or have friends, and it ruined his life.when his son had girlfriends in the past albert would always interfere and cause it to end,and when his son finally had children,albert took them too,and now lives with the childrens mom and the kids.he is a very selfish,and a manipulative person,and lies to the point that he believes his own lies.i feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up in his web of lies,and his constant paranoia and all his cosperacy theories "that everyone is out to get you or cause harm"
although he always puts on the front that he has never done anything wrong,and that it was everyone elses fault,i believe and seen differently. that is just part of the game he plays,and people who confide in him will regret it because the instant the person doesn't agree with him or as he would say "your going against me", he always uses,and twists everything said,against them to fit his own,then creates an argument.
unfortunately all the past crimes,and abuse committed,others have suffered and paid the price for,so i guess he just gets away with it.

i too was once a victim,but eventually i was able to get away,but not without emotional damage and tremendous loss.i write this in hopes that if anyone knows this person or is in a similar situation,my advice is to try to get away from the situation and dont be fooled by these type of people,and believe in yourself.and believe me its easier said than done,but i did it,and it took time.
from my experience,albert hurlburt takes from others,wether it be there lives,their children,and even their ideas,and then makes them all his. i remember days of extreme badgering,constant threats to me and towards my family, i felt trapped and stayed away for a while just to protect them.i am glad to finally be back with my family.and i dont take anything for granted anymore.the abuser/attacker can take everything away before even realizing what has happened.i am very lucky to be alive,as well as his son,who is also on the road to recovery,it will take time,and he may never completely heal,the damage is done,and went on for to long.
albert hurlburt helped put his brother  in prison yrs ago for a crime that he didnt commit.i know he didnt do it,albert has boasted and bragged about how he was able to get away with the crime to me personally,although from a legal stand point it may be here say,but i will always know the truth,as will his son considering he had to live it without choice,although people may not understand ,but albert hurlburt brainwashed his son,and others in many ways,and kept him away,and was never allowed to get close to anyone growing up.unfortunately that was his point,so that now as an adult it would sound unbelievable.people judge without knowing the facts,and there are many more,but it would end up the size of a saddens me that alot of people dont want to take the time to understand,or care.  some people have said things like "why did you stay" or "you should have or could have done this or that"
but unfortunately its not always that easy. circumstances dont always allow that to happen.